Library of Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw


· in the Library of Faculty of Chemistry

A book recently donated or purchased, after it has been recorded in the electronic system VTLS/VIRTUA, is included to a specified section, and it is available on premises of the Library only (yellow sticker on a book) or may be borrowed.

· in the Laboratories of Faculty of Chemistry

Abbreviations - for example: ‘PCK’ (in Polish: Pracownia Chemii Kwantowej - Quantum Chemistry Laboratory) or ‘PTPCA’ (in Polish: Pracownia Teoretycznych Podstaw Chemii Analitycznej - Theoretical Basis of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory) - give names of Laboratories of Faculty of Chemistry used in terminology of names of units of the Faculty of Chemistry.
A surname given together with a Laboratory’s name, indicates a person who purchased a book and by whom a book is accessible.


Arrangement of new acquisitions given on the list below, mirrors an order of their including to the collection. It is not an alphabetical order by ‘author’ or by ‘title’.

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