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Faculty of Chemistry
 Pasteura 1, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland   tel.: (+48-22) 5526212
Faculty of Chemistry
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Research Groups
button Division of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
  Laboratory of Applied Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory of Basic Aspects of Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory for Flow Analysis and Chromatography
Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry
Laboratory of Molecular Modelling
Laboratory of Theory and Applications of Electrodes
button Division of Physical Chemistry
  Laboratory of Electrochemistry
Laboratory of Electrochemical Power Sources
Laboratory of Molecular Interactions
Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy
Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Nanomaterials
button Division of Organic Chemistry
  Laboratory of Chemistry of Biomolecules
Laboratory of Natural Products Chemistry
Laboratory of Peptides
Laboratory of Stereocontrolled Organic Synthesis
button Division of Technology
  Laboratory of the Physicochemical Fundamentals of Chemical Technology
button Division of Theoretical Chemistry and Crystallography
  Laboratory of Crystallochemistry
Laboratory of Theory of Biopolymers
Quantum Chemistry Laboratory
button Division of Physics and Radiochemistry
  Laboratory of Physicochemistry of Dielectrics and Magnetics
Laboratory of Radiochemistry
button Division of Dydactics of Chemistry
  Laboratory of Teaching Chemistry