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Faculty of Chemistry
 Pasteura 1, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland   tel.: (+48-22) 5526212
Faculty of Chemistry
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Head of Laboratory: Karol JACKOWSKI
Staff at Professors Positions: Prof. Dr. hab. Karol JACKOWSKI
Staff with Ph.D. Degree: Dr. Włodzimierz MAKULSKI
Dr. Marcin WILCZEK
Ph.D. Students: M.Sc. Piotr GARBACZ
M.Sc. Łukasz JAREMKO

Scientific Activity:

  • Experimental studies of NMR spectral parameters in the gas phase.
  • Intermolecular effects in chemical shifts and spin-spin coupling constants.
  • Measurements of NMR spectral parameters for isolated molecules.
  • Investigation of isotopic effects.
  • Determination of nuclear magnetic dipole moments from NMR spectra.
  • Direct measurements of nuclear magnetic shielding in molecules.
  • Our experiments are performed on NMR spectrometers with superconducting magnets (Varian UNITYplus-200 and INOVA-500) which permit the observation of almost 100 magnetic nuclei; chemicals enriched in selected isotopes are frequently used in our research work.

Representative publications:

  • Antusek A., Jackowski K., Jaszuński M., Makulski W., Wilczek M., "Nuclear magnetic dipole moments from NMR spectra", Chem. Phys. Letters, 411, 111-116 (2005).
  • Maciąga E., Makulski W., Jackowski K., Blicharska B., "Multinuclear NMR studies of gaseous and liquid sevoflurane", J. Mol. Struct. 785, 139-142 (2006).
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  • Jackowski K., Kubiszewski M., Wilczek M., "13C and 1H nuclear magnetic shielding and spin-spin coupling constants of 13C-enriched bromomethane in the gas phase", Chem. Phys. Letters 440, 176-179 (2007).
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  • Lantto P., Jackowski K., Makulski W., Olejniczak M., Jaszuński M., "NMR shielding constants in PH3, absolute shielding scale and the nuclear magnetic moment of 31P", J. Phys. Chem. A, 115, 10617-10623 (2011).

Last updated: February 2012