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Faculty of Chemistry
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Faculty of Chemistry
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Head of Laboratory: Wojciech GADOMSKI
Staff at Professors Positions: Wojciech Gadomski
Staff with Ph.D. Degree: Wojciech Gadomski, Bożena Gadomska, Ewa Górecka, Bożena Janowska-Dmoch, Adam Krówczyński, Marek Pękała, Damian Pociecha, Jadwiga Szydłowska, Krzysztof Twarowski, Krzysztof Zboiński

Number of Ph.D. Students: 1

Areas of Scientific Activity:
Ordered, partly-ordered and disordered systems: the molecular dynamics, structures, the phase properties, the linear and nonlinear interactions with laser light; femtosecond phenomena in dense matter; liquid crystals, gels, molecular liquids, nanocrystaline structures.
1. Synthesis of mesogens with non-conventional molecular structure - compounds with hydrogen bonded quasi rings, metallorganic cores and chiral flexible joints. Experimental methods: calorimetry, polarizing microscopy, EPR and X-ray diffraction.
2. Nonlinear, laser-induced femtosecond molecular dynamics in liquids and crystals - theoretical and experimental approach. Chaos and dynamic instabilities during the interaction of light with the crystal lattice. Self-organization processes in time-resolved fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy: sol-gel transitions. Nonlinear laser dynamics: chaos and optical instabilities.
3. The studies of nanocrystalline alloys and high temperature superconductors: magnetic and electron transport phenomena, thermal conductivity, magnetostriction and thermoelectric power, anisotropy of the Nernst effect.

Representative publications:

  • U. Pietrasik, J. Szydlowska, A. Krowczynski, D. Pociecha, E. Gorecka, D. Guillon,
    Re-entrant isotropic phase between lamellar and columnar mesophases
    Journal of American Chemical Society, 124, 8884, (2002)

  • B. Ratajska- Gadomska, W. Gadomski
    Quantum theory of vibronic laser
    Journal of the Optical Society of America, B 16, 848, (1999)

  • Pociecha D., Gorecka E., Čepič M., Vaupotič N., ®eką B., Karda¶ D., Mieczkowski J.
    Re-entrant ferroelectricity in liquid crystals
    Physical Review Letters, 86, 3048, (2001)

  • M. Pękała, W. Gadomski, J. Szydłowska, A. Tampieri, M. Ausloos
    Broadening of the Resistive Transition in Polycrystalline Bi/Pb2223s
    Superconductor Science and Technology, 13, 1142, (2000)

  • B. Ratajska-Gadomska, W. Gadomski, Cz. Radzewicz and P. Wiewiór
    A femtosecond snap-shot of crystalline order in molecular liquids
    Journal of Chemical Physics, 108, 8489, (1998)

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