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Affiliation and Official Address:

         Professor of Chemistry

            Laboratory of Electrochemistry

            Faculty of Chemistry,

            University of Warsaw,

            02-093 Warsaw, Pasteura 1, POLAND.

            E-mail:; Tel.: (+4822) 5526412

Scientific carrier

2012 – current           Full-time professor

2004 – 2012               Assistant professor

1991 – 2004               Adiunct (with DSc), Faculty of Chemistry, University of


1980 – 1991               Adiunct, Lab. of Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry,

                                   University of Warsaw

1979 – 1980               Senior Assistant, Lab. of Electrochemistry, Faculty of

                                   Chemistry, University of Warsaw

1976 – 1979               PhD student, Lab. of Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry,

                                   University of Warsaw

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Research Area

(i)               Main field: Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry

(ii)                           Other fields: Interfacial electrochemistry and biophysics, particularly that of biological interfaces; transfer phenomena across modified interfaces, biomembranes and their models: self assembled and Langmuir-Blodgett films, bilayer lipid membranes (BLMs); molecular electronics, biosensors and energy transduction, interfacial catalysis, conducting polymer 1D and 2D domains within or on the molecular films at the electrode surface.

Superparamagnetic nanoparticles, surface and core modifications and applications (e.g., targeted drug delivery)

Current research interest

Charge transfer, energy transduction and molecular electronics in molecular film assemblies (e.g., self-assembled monolayers on a conducting support, hybrid alkanethiol/phospholipid bilayers, bilayer lipid membranes (BLMs) and phospholipid bilayers tethered to a conducting support) This research has the objective getting the insight into the workings of biomembranes and design and development of systems capable of biosensing, storing and transducing energy at the molecular level.

Other area of interest covers functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles with organic molecules affecting their magnetic properties and applications. One of the current research is the attachment of drugs and/or “vector” molecules to the surface of SPIONs (Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles) for targeted drug delivery in the external magnetic field. Also, core modifications with “soft” radionuclides with simultaneous “internal” radio- and magnetothermal therapy.


             I am currently involved in two projects related to the above research.

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                        Applied Electrochemistry, lecture, 3rd year curriculum,


                 Bioelectrochemistry, specialization lecture, semester IIM, together

                with Prof. Renata Bilewicz


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2002                Senior fellow – fellowship from the Center for Materials Research,

                        Michigan State University, USA

2001 – 2002    Visiting researcher, Michigan State University, Dept. of Chemistry, USA

1997 – 1998    Visiting professor, NATO-CNR grant, 4 months, awarded out of 6

                        grants for Central and Eastern Europe, University of Florence, Italy

1992 – 1994    Visiting researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, Dept.

                        of Chemistry, Berkeley, USA

1984 – 1986    Postdoc at Michigan State University, Physiol. Dept., Membrane

                        Biophys Lab., USA

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            Research Funding and International Collaboration

  Grants in Force:

2016-2019      Coordinator: NCN grant 2016/21/B/ST4/02133,Superparamagnetyczne nanocząstki znakowane emiterami promieniowania beta- dla jednoczesnej wewnętrznej radioterapii i hipertermii”.

Project title: „Superparamagnetic nanoparticles labelled with beta(-) radionuclides for simultaneous internal radiotherapy and hyperthermia”.


2015-2017      Task coordinator, Sinergia Project no. CRSII2_154451/1: “Design, synthesis and characterization of lipidic nanomaterials for biomedical and biosensing applications”, Swiss National Science Foundation.


     Prior Support:

2014-2016      Task coordinator: Polish-Swiss Research Program (Polsko-Szwajcarski Program Badawczy) PSPB-079/2010 Projektowanie Lipidowych

                     Mezofaz Ciekłokrystalicznych jako Nowych Funkcjonalnych Nanomateriałów dla Bioenergetyki i Bioczujników”.

Project title: „Tailored Lipidic Mesophases as Novel Functional

Nanomaterials in Bioenergetics and Biosensing

2011-2013      Task coordinator: Projekt Badawczy Rozwojowy 501/58-PBR-11 „Mikrobiogniwo i współpracujący z nim czujnik warstwowy” (NCBR Grant)

Project title: „Microbiofuel cell for layered sensors”

2005-2007         Task coordinator: Projekt Badawczy Zamawiany PBZ18  (Ministry of Education and Science grant PBZ KBN-098/T09/2003); "Nowa generacja

molekularnych warstw przewodzących do zastosowań w analitycznej

diagnostyce medycznej oraz bioelektronice".

Project title: „New generation of conducting molecular layers for analytical

and medical diagnosis and bioelectronics.

2000-2003        Coordinator of the State Committee for Scientific Research (Polish governmental agency) No 3T09A 117 19.

Project title: Electrochemical studies on mono- and bimolecular films modified with redox centers deposited on the electrode surface.

2001-2002      Coordinator of the State Committee for Scientific Research (Polish governmental agency) grant

                                 Project title: Synthesis of conducting polymers with use of alkanethiol monolayers as molecular matrices.

1995-1998        Coordinator of the State Committee for Scientific Research (Polish governmental agency) grant.

                     Project title: Mono- and bimolecular layers at the electrode surfaces

                     - their formation and charge transfer and separation in such systems.


     International Collaboration:


2004-2006        Coordinator of the Polish-USA joint research project (PAN-NSF)

                       Project title: Characterizing and Controlling Reactive Group Density at

                         Mono- and Multilayer Interfaces.

2001-2002           Coordinator  NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant Poland–USA, No 977966;

Project title: Studies of Molecular Films at Electrode and Optical Interfaces

1999-2000            Polish Coordinator of Phare-SCI-TECH II PL9611-02-02 grant for the project

preparation within the EU FP5 1st Horizontal Programme "Quality of Life and

Management of Living Resources", Key Action: "The Cell Factory".

Project title: Solid supported bilayer lipid membranes with spacer for the

incorporation of biomolecules and integral proteins, designed for biosensor and

drug screening applications.

                       Participating countries: Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel.

1997-2001         Project Coordinator in the Scientific and Technological Cooperation

                                   Joint Project (Italy-Poland);

                                   Project title: Supramolecular design of electrodes for molecular recognition and

selectivity in electrochemical reactions

1997-1999            Principal Investigator in the NATO International Scientific Exchange

Programmes LINKAGE GRANT, (Poland-Italy-Netherlands);

                                   Project title: Two membrane models for drug monitoring and sensing.


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        Selected Publications

- Number of papers in refereed journals:                         87

- Sum of times cited:                                                            1005

- Number of books: 1 chapter       H. T. Tien, J. Kutnik, P. Krysiński , Z. K, Lojewska, "Electronic Properties of Electroactive Bilayer Lipid Membranes", in: "Electrical Double Layers in Biology", ed. by M.Blank, (Plenum Press, N.Y.), pp. 149‑168 (1986).

- Number of review papers:                                               4

Selected recent publications:


1.   Mazur M. Krysiński P. Michota-Kamińska A. Bukowska J. Rogalski J. Blanchard G. J., Immobilization of laccase on gold, silver and indium tin oxide by zirconium-phosphonate-carboxylate (ZPC) coordination chemistry, Bioelectrochemistry, 71, 15-22, 2007

2.   Dominska M., Mazur M., Greenough K.P., Koan M.M., Krysiński P.G. Blanchard G. J., Probing Organization and Communication at Layered Interfaces, Bioelectrochemistry, 70, 421-434, 2007

3.   Majewski P, Krysinski P., Synthesis, surface modifications, and size-sorting of mixed nickel-zinc ferrite colloidal magnetic nanoparticles, Chem. a European J., 14, 7961-7968, 2008

4.   Dominska M, Krysinski P, Blanchard G.J. Interrogating interfacial organization in planar bilayer structures, Langmuir, 24, 8785-8793, 2008

5.   Brzozowska M., Oberts B.P., Blanchard G.J., Majewski J., Krysinski P.  Design and characterization of novel tether layer for coupling a bilayer lipid membrane to the surface of gold, Langmuir, 25, 9337-9345, 2009

6.   Brzozowska M., Krysiński P. Synthesis and functionalisation of magnetic nanoparticles with covalently bound electroactive compound doxorubicin, Electrochim. Acta, 54, 5065-5070, 2009

7.   Nowicka, A.M., Kowalczyk, A., Donten, M., Krysinski P., Stojek, Z., Influence of a magnetic nanoparticle as a drug carrier on the activity of anticancer drugs: Interactions of double stranded DNA and doxorubicin modified with a carrier, Anal. Chem., 81, 7474-7483, 2009.

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