Chemia Analityczna Volume 53, Number 4
(July - August 2008)

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ball L. Lech, K. Polec-Pawlak and M. Jarosz Mass spectrometry in identification of color components of natural organic dyestuffs used in art p.479 abstract
ball C. Shao, Y. Wei, S. Li and C. Li Determination of ethambutol at glassy carbon electrode modified with multiwall carbon nanotubes p.511 abstract

ball P. Biskupski, I. Gawel and A. Skrzetnicka Choice of the optimum method for determining the stability of heavy oils p.523 abstract

ball M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk, K.M. Niedzwiedzka and A. Mieczkowska Efficient procedure for pre-column derivatization of fatty acids with emphasis on short-chain carboxylic acids p.535 abstract

ball F. Canada-Canada, A. Munoz de la Pena, N. Mora Diez, A. Jimenez Giron, F. Heisel, J.A. Miehe and J. Potes Laser-induced fluorescence imaging system for weather stress analysis in plant leaves of different wheat varieties p.545 abstract

ball L. Jedynak, P. Kieronski, J. Kowalska and J. Golimowski Speciation analysis of arsenic by HPLC UV in highly contaminated water samples p.557 abstract

ball Z.-T. Jiang, Y.-X. Guo and R. Li Determination of trace amount of nitrite by fluorescent quenching method with phenosafranine enhanced by beta-cyclodextrin and its derivatives p.569 abstract

ball L.-Y. Lu, Y.-Q. Zi and L.-H. Cui Determination of proteins by resonance Rayleigh-Scattering method with acridine orange and surfactant p.583 abstract

ball Y. Shen, X.-F. Yang and L. Jin Fluorimetric determination of iodate based cyclodesulfurization of thiosemicarbazide with incorporated fluorescein p.597 abstract

ball Q.-Z. Zhai Spectrophotometric determination of oxalic acid using zirconium(IV)-(p-acetylarsenazo) system p.609 abstract

ball A. Kumar and R. Dass A Rapid spectrophotometric method for micro-determination of molybdenum in alloy steels and environmental samples p.617 abstract